Thursday, September 8, 2011


Something's afoot. Our Managing Partner is even more reserved than usual. There's hectic activity in the other partners' offices and their executive secretaries are on high alert. No one is available to switch through the reception desk. I'm the best gatekeeper, but I miss the variety of caring for the partners now and again. The worst rumor is that the Green Eyed Monster is on the prowl. It must be true - his executive secretary looks frayed. She's needed several afternoons off lately. Word is that his prey is the new junior partner. That's so unfair - this is only his first week. Our star analyst has also recently been absent a lot. When I do see her, she looks as though sleep is merely a memory.

Whatever's going on, it's big. My lobby is now mostly visited by couriers, messengers; or delivery staff from restaurants or caterers. The only other visitors I'm now getting are cold-calling solicitors. Stringing them along is tons of fun, but still, I want to know what's going on with the partners. Since no one of note is coming through the front doors now, their private elevators must be getting plenty of use. Could have sworn I saw a tall man in uniform the other day. He looked exactly as I pictured the hero in the romantic thriller I'm reading. He instantly disappeared so it was probably my overactive imagination. Too bad. He was gorgeous.

Whatever it is, I'll find out soon enough - they eventually tell me everything. The analysts have never been able to hold a secret for long. I rarely see the partners in the lobby, but their secretaries let something slip now and again. Ah... here comes a few of our finest back from lunch, just in time to walk past my homemade chocolates. I'm sure they'll stay for a chat.

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