10/15/2010: Sunrise on the Pier is retired.

07/09/2010: Check out my updated Facebook page.

04/25/2010: Sunrise on the Pier now on Smashwords.


I am a career technologist and Cathryn Louis is the pen name under which I write romantic suspense fiction.

My experiences over the years have given me a unique perspective of the corporate technocracy, the egos that inhabit and drive it, and the behind the scenes battles that can develop among the ultra-rich few. My fascination with, and passion for the high stakes world of technology has led me to create stories of heroines who excel in that domain.

What's up with the Sepia Flower? It has become part of my online "brand". I use it because I have a middle schooler and her friends were very excited about me writing a book. They expected it to be YA, and it is SO not... The pen name and Sepia Flower make it a little harder (I’m not naive enough to think impossible) to find my writings online, and their parents appreciate the effort.

Want to connect? I'm on Twitter and Facebook. I'm also on email at cathrynlouis @ yahoo.com