Thursday, September 20, 2012

So Nice, I Did It Twice

Welcome to my new site! I know, I know... I made myself a new one just last spring. I loved my new-old Posterous website. In fact I still do. It's just that I now need a full-fledged domain with more content possibilities and email. Look around and let me know how you like it. FYI, the graphics for Sparks are placeholders - not the real cover. I'm a couple of weeks (more or less) away from revealing it.

My blogger and posterous sites have seen their last posts - this one. The links on the posterous site are broken and I won't fix them, but I'll keep both the sites around as long as I can. Maybe until next year. August 10 seems to be an appropriate date for taking them down. If memory serves, that's the day I decided to respond to the call. Yes, Google links will also be broken for a while - again - but I have about a month before I release Sparks. Many errors should have disappeared or healed by then.

This new site is self-hosted, with Wordpress as the content management system (CMS). I've avoided self-hosting because as a techie, I know how much work it is to build and maintain a full website. I want to use my time for writing - not plug-in, widget and theme chasing. But since I'm publishing Sparks, I have a true need for my own site. Luckily, there are now a host of tools for making site maintenance easy - almost pleasant - without impacting my writing time. Another win-win.

Seems I'm on a role. Luvin' it!

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