Thursday, August 11, 2011


Cross every 't', dot every 'i'; everything in it's place. Then I see divergence, and know if for what it is - something that doesn't belong. Unfortunately at present, there's too much that doesn't belong. I see the symptoms, but not the source. It all appears to be interconnected - have to dig deeper. It's not enough merely to be vigilant. We're at the top of the mountain - enemies can come at us from all sides. We have to get to the source so that we can anticipate their moves.

I was born to this - but in the wrong family. My parents are both doctors. My uncle is the industrialist. His daughter's interest was medicine. They swapped us - in terms of educational oversight. She and I both got the best of both worlds. Now I'm following in my uncle's footsteps - until I learn enough to forge a path of my own. It's the family way. That's what keeps us relevant; no matter the ease or difficulty of the times. A good thing because these are dangerously difficult times.

Families and corporations who have built fortunes over hundreds of years stand to lose it all in seconds. The market is crazy - worse than a gambling den. Taken over by speculators who care nothing about the history of an industry, the people who built it, or those whose livelihoods depend on it. They trade merely to skim the spread. Brokers create new investment instruments daily; many of them having value only as transactional income generators for their brokerage.

Everyone is vulnerable - including us. It's the snake oil salesman all over again - but this time, the snake oil can cost billions. We got lucky. We found out what's coming. But I still got blown off my feet. She's a divergence I didn't expect. I don't know how to make a place for her. She won't stay where I can take care of her; protect her. I hadn't expected love to be like this. It isn't logical. I can't figure out the rules...

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