Thursday, August 18, 2011

Not On My Watch

Infiltrators will not victimize our firm. Employees and their families depend on our leadership. There have always been predatory corporations; those that see a business they want and think that it's just another cog they can connect to their wheel. Usually they don't take the time to understand the nuances and details of running the business. When it fails to fit or generate expected revenue - mainly because they eliminated those who best understood it - they break it apart and sell off the pieces in an effort to recoup their investment. Meanwhile consumers lose products that they liked. Employees lose their livelihoods. Communities lose a source of income that had driven other businesses. That will not happen here. We have uncovered the predator's first step.

I don't know how they delivered the virus to our network. But now that it's been discovered, we are tracing back to its origin. It is only a matter of time until we discover the source - and go after the SOBs who planted it. This is war. Our situational awareness is heightened. I am not in this to win a skirmish or even a battle. The only satisfactory outcome is to deal the perpetrators a crushing defeat. Then - shall we retaliate? Not my thing. Not because I'm above it, but because I plan to leave nothing to retaliate against. Annihilation; no mercy, no remorse.

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