Thursday, September 15, 2011

Corporate Screw

Intelligence. Dedication. Integrity.

All admirable qualities, but they're for saps. The only way to get ahead is to run with the big dogs, and I'm running with the biggest, baddest of them all. He's already gotten me into executive management, and as long as I watch our backs, do a job here and there that advances both our careers, I'll always be just one rung below him on the ladder to the top.

Screw being loyal to the corporation. They haven't been loyal to their workers since they entered the global market. It's every man for himself now - and women need to just get out of the way.

We work to profit ourselves. Get in, take out the weak on the way to the executive suite, make some serious green, get out. Green is my favorite color by the way. It's the only color that matters - other than our preferred way out - the golden parachute. To be honest, it also is made of green. Nobody cares who's black, white, brown or whatever. We only care whether you're in our way.

Sooner or later, the idiot investors will get wise and the game will have to change. I'll be long gone by then. I only need eight figures - enough cash to insure a long and leisurely retirement doing exactly what I damn well please.

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