Thursday, July 28, 2011

Deadly Elite

James Bond, Jason Bourne; entertaining extremes of my reality. Like them, I'm trained to get in, get it done and get out - without getting killed. Unless the only other alternative is getting captured. In that case, I know what to do. By necessity, special forces covert operations are lethal - either for the attacker or the target. I've been both. I've survived. So have others. Some are old friends, some I'm just meeting. All have served our country.

Now, an elite squad of protection agents, we serve differently. Expert in the stealthiest of the deadly arts; licensed to kill. Our clients are a select, vetted few - found to have no involvement in illegal or even questionable activities. To protect them, we must believe in them. I will not put myself in harm's way, nor ask others to do so for anything less.

Took a hell of a lot of money to get our agency started. Stumbled into a surprising partner. Rich, yes; but also tough. Tough enough to become one of us - until he got found out. But that's his story. My story? I'm an action junkie. I live in the field, running ops. Time for sex, but not for love. Maybe I'll want it one day. But not today.

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