Thursday, July 21, 2011


Hidden in plain sight, cloaked in layers of misdirection. Not what she appears to be; but yet is her real self. Except for her name. Deception is her protection. Necessary because of the family she had been born into and the multi-billion dollar empire they had built.

Tired of the charade, she envied those with simpler lives. A mask, no matter how beautiful, was still a mask. Even so, it was ridiculous to be ungrateful. She had freedom that many could only dream of. Her personal yearly allowance was more than most made in a lifetime.

But she was lonely - always keeping her friends at a distance. It felt seedy somehow that they shared their lives with her; yet she hid hers from them. She had opened up to other 'friends' once before. It had gone badly. They resented her and her need for secrecy.

Friendship disappeared and a dependent guiltiness took it's place. She paid and they took. Finally she ended it; suffering their harsh, jealous accusations. But her new friends were different. They had their own lives; were building their own careers. Certainly they could accept her for who she was. Couldn't they?

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