Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Glass Box

'The glass box' he had called it when they were together. Glass box in the sky. Her twenty-fourth floor condo with views all the way out to the eastern coast; and to the south, past the edge of the city. She'd furnished it to her taste, but to his size. Now with the windows opaqued, it was a tomb filled with the memories of her loss.

Listlessly she sank into the over-sized chaise near the eastern windows, where they had spent many love-filled nights; whispering their hopes and dreams to each other far into the morning. But he had gone, as she had known he would. She had stayed; to the heartbreak of them both. He had wanted her, but not her life's work; after all this time, not understanding that they were one and the same.

Spending her days on Facebook, she followed his every adventure in the new town. Vicariously along as he made new friends and found a new love; unable to tear herself away from their whirlwind courtship. She mourned, spending her nights on their chaise; lifeless as a cast away doll. Tonight, though was different. Tonight, they'd announced their engagement. Tonight, the pain in her heart tore so deep that death could only have been a relief. He had gone on. So must she. It was that simple.

Morning came far too quickly; announced in the darkness only by the chiming of the Westminster clock. One of his contributions to the decor, it - and all the rest - must go. She left the chaise; this time with a sense of purpose. At the window controls - and for the first time since their parting - she moved the slide from 'opaque' to 'clear'. The windows brightened; the sun blinding her, searing the agony deep into her heart. For the breath of a second, it felt as though she had tried to horizontally balance on the point of a knife - and slipped. Abruptly, the pain lessened to a deep throbbing. She would bear it.

Welcoming back the light was the first step. It was time to live again.


  1. Well written; I could feel her pain. I once had a glass box of my own!

    The light is the first step for sure and to trust again fits somewhere along that path but it's the hardest step to take; I still struggle with that one.

    I would love to know how she makes out.

  2. Thank you!

    This is a characterization of the heroine that doesn't appear in the novel. 'At Sea' is the same for the hero. Since they are in a romantic-suspense novel, you can guess at what happens with her. :) The journey though, has unexpected turns.


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