Thursday, March 1, 2012

Corralling Snip Pets

'Snippet'. Snip pet. Such a funny word. I could have used 'fragment', but it's not nearly as much fun, and 'scrap' is just plain boring.

My snip pets are the paragraphs and pages of unconnected writing I've been accumulating over the past couple of months. They all relate to the new novel, but don't form a cohesive story. So now, I have to catalog them. Do they belong to the present, or to the past? Which character has the POV? Is it part of the thriller plot, the love story plot, or OMG ANOTHER PLOT? Just kidding. :)

I should have created a folder structure to hold them as I wrote them. Since I didn't, I have to do it now. I had an epiphany this past weekend, revealing the chaper structure. I can now create my artifacts document with its plots, subplots, outline, scene table, and the map that connects them all now that I have story to work with. No time like the present...

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