Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mashed Up Trippin'

Chaos is here. Wait...that's not true. I may as well own it. Whiplash or not, I MADE the chaos.

My life is - and always will be - a mashup. I'm into more than just a single theme, or even variations on that theme. But it's my choice whether it will be an artful mashup or have the appearance of someone's abandoned storage locker. I choose artful - dancing on the edge of steampunk with a touch of retro boho, always evolving toward whatever catches my eye. As you can see, I have to be vigilant to keep it from getting out of hand. Every step along the way to wherever it is I'm going, I have to think, "Simplify."

Am I a techie? Yes - first and foremost. Am I a writer? Heavens yes - I'm a word bender and proud of it. So what is the change?

Acknowledging both sides of myself and enabling them to develop synergy. In doing so, I have to be honest about what works and what doesn't. An opportunity has come along for 'techie me' that I embrace and will nurture. I've forced growth for 'author me' and I can now admit that for me, it's about the story - always the story, only the story.

The change may only be noticeable to me, but it's the difference between frenzied busy-ness and purposeful enlightenment. Finally, I'm loving the trip I'm on.

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