Thursday, July 26, 2012


Something new has appeared, exploding my carefully managed elements of change into chaos. Did I go looking for it? Did it fall in my lap? It doesn't matter. However it got here, I have welcomed it. Now I have to tame the chaos it created; regain control of my journey down the yellow brick road - whether or not it's the same road on which I started out.

Priorities have shifted in favor of the new. All of my other endeavors are just as important as they ever were, it's just that this one is even more so. As long as I treat it as such, I have to believe that everything else will fall into place. I was already working to a new paradigm, and now, without warning, it has shifted - a WTF moment that has not yet ended, but keeps morphing into a different form. *whiplash*

Even so, the 'something new' is a blessing - and it hasn't bothered with a disguise.  I'm reminded of the old saying, "Be careful what you wish for..."

Well, it appears that I may have gotten 'it'.

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