Monday, June 14, 2010

Twitter Tags and Titles

I've been having fun with some Twitter tags - #girlgeek and #alphageek. I admit I'm a #girlgeek. I've not got the ego to claim #alphageek - for myself. But I do claim it for Gabrielle - and the as yet unnamed female protagonist in Skye Pointe 2 (SP2). They are #alphageekstothemax (okay, okay - so I made that one up).

A quirk of my particular #geekiness is that I like patterns. That's really an understatement. I love patterns. I analyzed the way I wrote Sunrise on the Pier, and used it to set myself up some patterns for SP2. I didn't pay attention to my own ramblings.  It seems that 'perfecting the craft' is more about what not to do than what to do.

I had a nice circular set of patterns going - story definition, character essays, narrative, structure, then back again. I went through that sequence only twice. Then a great title for the book popped into my head - threw everything off. Now everything is keying off the title. That didn't happen with Sunrise on the Pier. I'm going to have to wing it - again. OMG WTF!

What if I never develop a set of patterns? What if I do things differently every time? That makes artist? Feels like I'm on a tightrope with no net. Maybe if I just think of it as a diving board...  :)


  1. Whenever I see the word "patterns" I think of linen and China. I don't know.

    Maybe you're pattern is your lack of pattern. Does that make sense?

  2. LOLz - those have patterns too.

    Looks like you're right - I'm totally random. Hope it works out :)


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