Wednesday, February 10, 2010

OMG WTF!!!!!

A picture came up on the screensaver the other day of a kitten - squating on it's hind legs, it's front paws clasped firmly around a Rubik's cube. It was looking at the cube with a puzzled expression and the caption said "OMG WTF".

Now it's my blog picture - had to have it - hope you like it. Props to  I needed the laugh. I'd just read through my novel and noticed a conversation in Chapter 19 that - although was appropriate and timely - contained a lot of exposition about the motivations of a main antagonist. So here's where I beat my head on the wall and try to convince myself that the story is fine the way it is. Though it is fine, it would be so much better if I took that exposition and layer it through the story. #$%!!@!

I've already sent out query letters and chapters. So OMG WTF do I do? Sigh... I take the exposition and study the story, identifying the layering points. So what about the chapters I sent out? I decided to figure it out later. Then I started rewriting. About two am, I've decided I've had enough and OMG WTF? Am I really trying to turn off my monitor with the mouse? Yeah - and getting frustrated when the cursor wouldn't go down far enough to hit the button. That pretty much says my brain is fried. Until tomorrow then...

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