Wednesday, February 24, 2010

All together now - JUMP!!!

I love the water. I don't care if it's a swimming pool, lake or ocean. I love being in it. What's the problem then? I can dog paddle, I know the freestyle stroke and every now and then - I can actually turn my head and breathe. That's right - I really can't swim. Unfortunately, I have no fear of the water. It drives everyone I know crazy. But to me, it's big fun. :)

In earlier days, I would swim out a little ways into Lake Ponchatrain and float on the waves as they rolled back in. LP is one of those oxymorons - a salt water lake. It's actually an estuary, but that's another story... Then I made the mistake of doing the same thing on Cape Cod one summer. The friend who was watching me got so upset that I made a foolhardy promise never to do it again. ...and I haven't. Sigh... I still love the pool though, and I dive in every chance I get.

When I went to college, I decided to take swimming lessons. I ended up on the diving team because the coach who taught beginning swimming was also the coach of the team. He thought I had the most beautiful swan dive he'd ever seen. Why was a beginning swimmer on the high dive platform? Because the coach wanted us beginners to see how high it was. While we were up there, I asked if I could dive. He said ok since there were four lifeguards spotting us in the pool. In his defense, he probably never thought I would do it. But I did - and it was awesome!!! It felt like flying. I got a rush every time I jumped. I also had a love of tumbling and had no fear trying somersaults off of the platform. Sadly (for me anyway) my involvement with the team only lasted a week because the coach said he grew more gray hair every time I went into the water. From his perspective, it took me too long to come back up.

So what do I do to compensate for the loss of diving? It appears I've just moved that behavior to everything else. I dive in - and so far, I've been able to swim. Of course, all the water I get in my lungs may be messin' with my brain - but what the hay? ROFLOL - only kidding! Or am I? :)

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