Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spring Cleaning

I've let myself go - neglected my platform. Yes, I've been busy, but that's not an excuse. It needs sprucing, pruning, polishing, and I'm taking time out right now get it all bright and shiny again.

First up - my authors lists. I apologize in advance to those of you who follow them, but 'authors-books, stories' and 'authors books stories too' are a hodge-podge and it's time to bring order. I've already begun TradPubbedAuthors, IndiePubbedAuthors, SelfPubbedAuthors and SoonToBePubbedAuthors. I'll be moving authors into those so please follow them instead. Also please let me know if you think I've put you in the wrong list. WritingBiz and ReadingBiz will stay as they are because they feed my papers. I've also built a paper around my new authors lists - take a look!

I've already updated my social widget to include Pinterest and my papers. Soon, I'll add forums that I frequent. Speaking of the forums, I haven't yet set up my profile and visited some of them. Now that I'm moving solidly on to book #2, I'll have time for a while to hang out with other authors. Joy!

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