Thursday, May 3, 2012

Peace Out to the Spirit Lifter

Photo Credit: Cathryn Louis (me!)

Last week I learned that my car has a transfer case. I don't know exactly what it is or what it does, but I do know that it can crack. Mine did. Perfect. Just lovely. The perfect end to the winter season in which I've struggled to get my novel published - and failed. Many false starts and mis-steps - or as I prefer to spin it 'learning opportunities'. No longer sunny, I was heading down the road toward blue. So what did I do with the lemons (and multiple cliches) suddenly raining down on my head? It's spring - time for lemonade!

It's all a matter of perception, and I decided that I wanted to look on the bright side. So what do I have to be happy about?
  1. A recent, chance meeting with someone whose critique I highly value, and who I hope to someday meet IRL (in real life), if only to express my profuse thanks.   After questions and comments about the inciting incident paragraphs gave me the courage to make the change that had to be made, Sparks is significantly better. I had believed in my story before, but now I have confidence. Sparks is **wink, wink** a competitive story. We'll see how it turns out.
  2. It's been since November that I've been working toward getting Sparks published. Looking back, I know that my knowledge of the business has grown phenomenally since then. Could I have learned differently? Maybe, but this quote shared by @BeautyOfWisdom says it all. It's the only way I can learn, and have it 'stick' for the long haul.
  3. April was a learning month. I am still a working professional in a far different industry and my daughter's dreams must come before my own. Still, I've found a way to learn directly from publishing professionals even though, for me, writer's conferences are still a pipe dream. Duh... Webinars! Those that I've attended are Writer's Digest webinars and I'm sure there are others as well.
So what's up with my new little friend, Mello Yello? It was a loaner during the time that my car was being repaired, courtesy of the extended warranty. We had BIG FUN. I thought about getting a peace sign necklace to hang on the rear view mirror, but a Harry Potter Deathly Hallows necklace works just as well. It has truly lifted my spirits. Peace Out Peeples!

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