Thursday, March 15, 2012

One, the Other, & On

Photo Credit: Lynne WilliamsonDreamstime

Vestiges of footsteps. Not always easy to discern.

Mostly ephemeral; sometimes, as in concrete, impossible to remove. A footstep may take one back to what was, on to what will be, or off on a detour to the unexpected; but always to a new version of place.

Some footsteps lead to a solitary journey. Others, to a communal one. A footstep can lead to a higher plane, or to the depths of despair.

A step up onto the shoulders of giants puts the whole world below; a shimmering awe inspiring gift. A false step can send one plummeting down; landing as the lowest pariah, shunned by all.

Think of it: with thousands of footsteps in between, only one step begins a marathon; only one step ends it.

Each footstep, merely a moment of experience, albeit infinitely deep, is in preparation for the next. Step by step, living is unveiled in the journeys that unfold.

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