Thursday, October 6, 2011

You're Out!

Embarrassing as hell.

We're the premier analysis company and we've been spied on and infiltrated - after one of our own analysts produced a seminal report on how to avoid such a situation. That's what got the old guy fired. Well, not really. At this level of the game, you get asked to retire - not fired. Unless you're too stupid to read the signs. He wasn't. I understand he's been working on his golf game.

Forcing him out was hard for our Managing Partner to do. They've been friends for almost forty years. But technology had passed him by. He couldn't keep up - let alone compete. His quarterly updates on our deployment center were a farce. He had started having his staff make the updates. Many of them weren't much better. Maybe they were purposely trying to embarrass him. I knew two years ago that he couldn't even understand the reports we produced. That's when the countdown started. Should he have been summarily fired? Maybe so. But he has many good friends among our client base. Our MP had to - and did - proceed with wisdom.

I live for the challenge, so when asked to step into the job, I did - just in time for it all to hit the fan. Game on.

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