Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fool's Charade

Two halves of the same soul; together we were one. I wanted her life to be about me, and only me. But she refused to give up her's to focus on mine. So I left her - to teach her a lesson. To make her feel what it would be like without me. She is stronger than I thought. She didn't come after me.

In anger, I went after what I thought I should have - and I got it. How could I not? I'm the total package. I'll be CEO of a conglomerate someday. But what I got, isn't what I want. Great conversation, but not spirted. Companionship and closeness, but not intimacy. A common goal, but she hasn't one of her own - and doesn't think that she should. Devoted, she will give me wonderful children, help me build a good life. But not a passionate one.

I am an idiot. Maybe if I can see my love one more time, hold her in my arms once more, I'll have the strength to end this farce; push the reset button and go back to where I belong...

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