Thursday, October 27, 2011

Done, Done, Done!

After almost a year of disciplined, structured writing time, I find myself finished with Sparks and at a loss for what to do next. There are several more character sketches I can write. My author platform needs work. There are even a couple of short stories I can finish. I've two novels in the pipe and several more concepts; enough to keep me busy for at least the next ten years. So why am I stalling?

Down time! But conversely, I have an abundance of pent up energy. So I've been using it for fun. Problem is, I haven't quite had enough fun yet. Maybe this week I'll have had all that I need... Or maybe not. In any case, I will still blog, although I'm winging it because nothing in my life right now is driving the posts. Interesting and scary.

Guess it's time for a break - my brain refuses to cooperate with anything that requires structured thinking. It wants to run wild and free. Holy cow - there it goes... Gotta run! Have you taken a break lately?

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