Thursday, July 14, 2011

Reading Palms

A Guest Post by Diana Lee

a man's palm
cool and firm as marble

muscled mount of Venus
carved for lips tongue teeth

plain of Mars hollowed
cradle for my cheek

heart line furrowed
deep crevasse of love

Jupiter Saturn Apollo Mercury
fingers, long and supple

line of fate through Saturn's core
magnet to my own

simian crease, heart / head fusion
emotions in check awaiting release

a man's palm
reading me 


Diana was born and raised in Pittsburgh and is part of a large family, most of whom are still located there. She lived away from home for 20+ years and finally moved back to reconnect with her roots. She has always wanted to write, even from childhood, when she wrote a short story about autumn and created a little book of pages in the shape of maple leaves.

Writing became especially important to her a few years ago after the death of a family member. Putting pen to paper was an emotional outlet. Tears morphed into ink.

Photography, another interest of hers, is something else she has always wanted to explore. She likes the idea of looking at everyday things and places and watching them appear in a different form through a camera lens. It's a guilty little pleasure that she has enjoyed more and more. Visit her writing blog, Diana's Words; her photography blog, Life Through Blue Eyes;  and her Flickr photo stream. You'll also find her as @Diana605 on Twitter.

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