Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dead Ostriches in the Bayou

Back when IBM ruled the southern tip of San Jose, California, there was a tiny deli that had one of the best sandwiches in the universe. The sandwich was called the Avocado Undecided, and was composed of two thick slices of white bread, hand-made sun-dried tomato mayonaise, bay shrimp and a whole sliced avocado. It was served open-faced, in a little plasti-wicker basket.

Why 'Undecided'? It was hard to choose whether to eat it with a fork or as a sandwich. Nice problem to have. I'm thinking about it now because I have a similar - but not as delicious - problem: my decision basket is over-stuffed.

It's my own fault - I've been procrastinating. Avoiding decisions that I should have made long ago. Now they overflow the basket, daring me to keep ignoring them. I'm the one who committed myself to this path. It doesn't matter that I now find it shifting under my feet. I ought to feel right at home - it's like navigating a bayou.

I don't know whether making each decision will send me forward, backward, or into the quickmud. But it's clear that I can no longer pretend to be an ostrich. (Ostriches in the bayou? Seriously? They'd be dead in seconds.)

The only way onward is to let go of doubt - and act. So here I go... Ummm... Making... a... decision... Really - I am. Starting now...


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