Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pre POSTerous!

Simplicity. That's what it came down to. In the end, my love of writing won out over my love of tinkering. I threw out all the wow-look-at-me colors, fancy widgets, and look-what-I-can-do ego boosters that I started with and went for the high-contrast look of a book. After all, I am an author. When I log in, I want to be welcomed to share my news, thoughts and stories; not have to spend time validating an ever-growing collection of widgets and add-ons. I'm so happy that I reined in my inner geek. Otherwise, I tend to go overboard. Look out below!!!

That aside, Posterous with its spaces is a wonderful service, enabling me to simultaneously post on other services. That's right, I only have to post once - to Posterous - and it autoposts to the others that I've chosen. Of course if there are intra-post links, I have to fix them, but that's a far cry from having to individually manage multiple blogs. So I'm not giving up Blogger - in fact, I've added a new blog - on Tumblr. All the blogs email me when comments are made, so I can easily interact with everyone on the service they like best. One can also post to WordPress with Posterous. I decided not to because Blogger was my original long blog platform, and I want to have only one non-Posterous one. Again, for me - simplicity.

I also love that Posterous allows me to have different spaces, and I have made them subdomains of  I have one each for my journal, Sparks, short and flash stories, and Guest Authors, all of which also post to Blogger. The new space, Retweet of the Day, posts to Facebook and Tumblr. My Posterous site is still under construction, as there are intra-post links to fix. When I've fixed them all, I'll redirect to Posterous, and my Blogger site will become again. Search engine results will be broken for a while, but for me, it's worth it. I now have a platform that extends my reach and will grow with me. Since what I have to do now is equivalent to low-level maintenance, I can strike this off my major project list. Woo hoo! One down...

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