Thursday, November 24, 2011

Takin' A Wild Ride & One More Me

For the first ten months of the almost three years it took to write Sparks, I had only one objective - to finish writing it. Then I added blogging. I liked managing both - each cleansed my writing palette for the other. Now though, I find myself with a longer list of activities and no idea how I'm going to get them all done:

  •  Getting Sparks published: A primary activity, which will take time, and for which I will need patience. 
  • Reviving novel 2: Another primary activity. I had started it before I began revising Sparks, and now need to reacquaint myself with the characters and the story so I can get back to writing it.
  •  Updating and managing my web presence: A third primary activity. Geez... I've accumulated a lot of primary activities. Right now, my domain name points only to my blog. I have to incorporate my blog into a broader site.
  • Keep up my weekly blogging: The fourth primary activity. I've now finished the character sketches for Sparks - except for very minor characters, and it's time to move on.
  • As if four primary activities aren't enough, I've gotten an idea for an e-book I want to put together. Though I don't count it as primary, I have to address it because I've found that when I stifle an urge, I give myself writer's block.
  • OMG - there's a sixth one! I have several ideas for short stories. I'll have to write them too, or again, run the risk of blocking myself. 

So... four primary activities, and two others. This is going to be a wild ride. Anybody else juggling multiple major activities? Think I'll need to clone myself.


  1. Me too! Some days I wish I had clones of myself to take care of everything. But then I fear I'll try to boss them and that would make my workload worse. LOL

  2. :-D I hadn't thought of that. Maybe one is better...


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