Thursday, April 21, 2011

reticulating swarms

A Guest Post by James Whitaker
doesn’t say he loves you
till you’re half over the fence
then he whispers softly in your ear
but you don’t trust the intent

the cycle repeats
broken resolutions
digging down deep
blunting your expectations
with every promise
he can’t keep

and you struggle
trying to reconcile
how love like this
makes you feel so cheap
until finally
just to stay alive
you whisk yourself away
to a forest retreat

because someone out there
might look at you and smile
you’ll abandon the despair
been such a very long while

and when he holds you in his arms
opening for him your hidden charms
expecting but not hearing any alarms
just buzzes inside you like reticulating swarms

the shots are fired
that can’t be retrieved
and every sigh pierces
till you both lie relieved

collapsing on clouds
shallow breathing
followed deep moans
caressing the heart
and all that it owns

when morning comes
and you return to your place
what gets you through hell
is to recall his embrace

so in your own bed
red toes & pink lace
his hand holds your smile
while you dream of his face

James Whitaker is a prolific writer tucked away in a tiny corner of the Blue Ridge Mountains. You're most likely to find him sitting alongside the Shenandoah River with a coffee mug and his journal, scribbling out poetry, prose or lyrics. A large portion of his work centers on relationships and his personal journey of self-discovery, much of which he shares regularly with a loyal & devoted audience on his blog, "JTW bold. yet balanced".  Follow him as @jtwhitaker on Twitter for a mix of dry humor, sarcasm, fun and love. James is an avid supporter of the indie writing community and an Editor at the non-profit collective for independent writers, artists and photographers, Indie Ink.


  1. Yes. This. Evocative of so many emotions. And, in feeling them all at once, I'm at a loss. Will simply say 'Beautiful!'

  2. Isn't it? It's wonderful to read over and again.

  3. It is hauntingly beautiful. I read it three times already.
    Hey, I would love it if you participated in my poetry contest in my blog. James and everyone else is invited-submission deadline is 4/30!

  4. Thanks, Maria. Don't think you'd want any of my poetry - so NOT a poet. ;) Guess that's why I admire them so much. Can't speak for James though. You can contact him at his website.


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