Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Tale of Two Scenes...and Chocolate

Zipping merrily along through my revision outline; making great progress. In the zone, every thought had a home. And then...I rounded a blind curve and had to skid to a brain locking stop. Hit an obstacle. Makes me crazy when that happens. Actually, the obstacle was an event. I had shown it from the heroine's point of view; trying to keep the alpha male hero inconspicuously in the background. Bad idea. Like making ganache and expecting everyone to ignore the smell of chocolate. My attention kept getting drawn to him even though I hadn't written him in. Where the hell was he? Obviously, the story begged for scenes from his point of view.

Piece of cake...

First, I enlarged the experience of the event by adding two scenes for him - one at the beginning of the event and one during. Good, but there was no closure.

Hmmm...not as easy as I thought.

Then I added a scene for him at the end of the event. Better, but not quite there - no transition for him to the next step in their story.

Fine!! Looks like I'm really going to have to work to fix this.

So I added the transition scene and read through that portion of the revision outline using "...and then". Naturally, there were gaps.


I had to revise every scene associated with the event to adjust for the new scenes. Adding a mere two scenes had turned into adding four and adapting four more.

Finally - nailed it!! Now where's that ganache?

#ROW80 update, 01/09/2011:
  • Goal 1: Completed revision artifacts (outline, scenes and map) through chapter eleven. One chapter was eliminated by being absorbed into the previous and following chapters. Only nine more chapters to go! Still looks like I can complete the outline by the end of this month.
  • Goal 2: Averaged about two hours per day this week. I sidetracked myself with a potential new project - but NO EXCUSES! Have to hit my average next week.
  • Goal 3 - Posted this week, so no problems there.
Hope everyone is doing well!



  1. I didn't do so well and it wasn't the amount, but my attitude. Made some changes and today was way better. I hope to have more positive words on Wednesday. You, however, did fantastic!

  2. Great work Cathryn! Hope Week 2 goes by obstacle-less.

  3. Sounds like you had a really good week! Congrats

  4. Congratulations on completing your revision. Sounds like you connected all the necessary paths.

  5. Thanks everyone. Looks like we're all working hard on ROW80. Can't wait to see what this week will bring!

  6. Sounds like the entirety of the event scene was improved. Good job at keeping at those revisions!

  7. Not merely a good check-in... a fun post.

    Keep it rolling!

  8. Thanks Craig, glad you liked it. Took me a while but I finally found you!

  9. Wonderful unfolding of the unflinching, honest detective work, and unrelenting urge to MAKE IT RIGHT, that helps writing sing. Terrific post and reality check for those trying to work their own magic.

  10. Hi Charlene, Thanks for your comment. It too is a study in tight, insightful prose.


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