Thursday, December 2, 2010

Shiny Objects and Other Balls of Yarn

I'm revising a WIP with complicated story lines. Even so, my fear was that by now, my focus would be drawn away from the process. I expected that I would frantically be going after anything that looked like it could be a short project; something for easing the monotony of the revision process. Yes, I know it's only been four weeks - but my brain likes to multi-task. Fortunately, revising this WIP hasn't been monotonous. Multi-tasking while working on the major revision elements(outline, storyboard, revision skeleton) keeps me from being distracted by every shiny object and unraveling ball of yarn.

While writing the novel, I took a week off here and there to work on a different story idea or short story. Now I'm revising it, and - so far - I haven't felt the need to take on something else. I know that you've astutely spotted the fallacy in the previous statement. You're right - I am working on something else. Every week, I blog. Though I hadn't initially thought of it as such, blogging is a separate project that I look forward to and enjoy doing. Serendipity! It's the same subject each week - my revision musings - until I've completed the manuscript. The weekly post is the right size project.

I've set myself an aggressive goal - completing the twenty-one chapter outline, storyboard and revision skeleton by the end of the year. So far, I've completed the prologue and first two chapters, leaving me a few over thirty days to finish the remaining eighteen. During the first quarter of next year, I plan to flesh out the revision skeleton into the final manuscript. If I'm only now on chapter three, what was I doing for the past three weeks? Reviewing my editor's critique and figuring out how and where to apply the advised updates, reducing the scope of the WIP, and refining my revision process. Now that I'm sure of what I'm doing, my progress should be somewhat faster. I know, I know - time to end this post and get back to the WIP. Wish me luck!

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