Thursday, October 7, 2010

My #FridayFlash? On RedRoom

I've joined Red Room. There's a contest going on over there - two days to write a short story. I met the challenge and posted my story - "Mirrors Don't Lie". So check it out - it's my #fridayflash. Please leave a comment on the story - I'd like to know what you think!

Update - Oops... didn't realize you had to register to post a comment. Still hope you enjoy the read!


  1. That kind of concern for appearance worries me - both for society and for the psyche of the individual. But at least she's happy winning the arm of Lynnette for a day.

  2. Umm...John, it's worse than you think. She is Lynnette.

  3. I love it! The twist at the end is very effective, but also hugely symbolic. Puts the kicker into the issues raised before, uncovering a little more at stake than simply getting the foundation just right. Actually, maybe *foundation* (and/or its lack thereof) IS at stake ;)

  4. That was a very interesting way to show someone with a multiple personality disorder. I've never seen it described like that and it was absolutely perfect.

  5. I loved it.. I got it right away that it was a multiple personality... and I've never seen it shown this way before. Very effective, very creative and very interesting way of showing it!


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