Thursday, October 14, 2010

Goodbye to What Never Was

It appears there's a reason that this sinus, cold, virus thing knocked me out of action. I think fate decided to take control of things since I was obviously letting things get - or taking them - out of control. The bug made my eyes hurt; I couldn't use them for reading or writing. The only thing left to me? Thinking. Lots of random things. L taking her first steps, then finding out she could jump. We were all tired that day - we jumped everywhere we went. Happy memories.

My thoughts turned to writing. Anxiety kicked in. The new novel and its characters; my short stories; my essays; the newsletter. Because I wasn't in any condition to run, reality caught up with me and forced to be honest with myself. With two works in progress (yes two - more on that hopefully in weeks to come), a weekly blog entry and the occasional short story; taking on a newsletter - and doing it properly - is far too much to add. Even just thinking about it caused my stress level to climb.

I have to admit that there isn't enought time for me to devote to a creative, high quality, weekly newsletter. It wasn't just to be an emailing of the newst blog post. I also meant it to have the backstory of how the post came about, a flash fiction story or two and maybe even a guest post from time to time. In other words, doing it correctly would be yet another full time job. I already have two. So sadly, I have to say goodbye to the newletter that never was. Thanks to those of you who have already subscribed; my sincere apologies for ending it so abruptly. But better that than starting something that I wouldn't be able to give the time and attention that it deserves.

Speaking of guest posts - please contact me at cathrynlouis at yahoo dot com if you are involved in any phase of publishing and would like to have a guest post on my blog.

Oh and below, I've reposted last week's #fridayflash from Red Room. Enjoy!

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