Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More to the Pointe

...far more it seems. Time to look further inland, where the gently rising forrested slopes above the coves are topped by another set of grassy terraces. Jasmine Cove's marine terrace extends a little over a mile further inland than the others, creating a slightly tiered valley - called Jasmine Glen by the locals - between the slopes above Coral Cove and Hidden Cove. The Crescent City - Port Leighton Highway (also called Hwy 8) has been cut across the grassy terraces, but rather than follow the three hundred foot drop into and rise out of Jasmine Glen, the road crosses it on top of a brick and steel arch bridge.

Why an arch bridge? I wanted something safe enough for the hardier children to run and play around as they make their way through the glen, uphill to the elementary, middle and high schools. The schools lie just below the second tier of the valley, home to the North Yacht Club. Why is there a North Yacht Club when the main one sits on the quarter-mile wide ridge shared by Marina and Coral coves? There had to be somewhere to put the golf course. :)D

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