Friday, July 9, 2010

I Got a Face Lift!

I admit it - the title smacks of bait and switch. But there has been a facelift - for my Facebook page, not for me.

I started the page in April, just as I published Sunrise on the Pier to It's basically just my Twitter and blog feeds. It was hard to get the mechanisms working right - finally, and from a purely geekie point of view, I'm proud of it. Having it all working together is way cool, right? Not!! It's no longer relevant and - I know you saw this coming - time to reinvent. :)D

The page was perfect when I launched myself into the social media community as an author - I only tweeted a few times a day and was just getting into the rhythm of posting to my blog. Since then, I've become a member of the thriving Twitter community of bookies...oops, probably shouldn't use that word. Not the same as techies. Sorry Elliott... I'll just spell it out instead - I've joined the community of authors, publishing professionals and book enthusiasts. There's endless, fascinating conversation. Luckily, I tried to see what it was like keeping up with my Twitter feed on my Facebook page, I nearly got whiplash. Too much information - flying by too fast. Not a good thing.

The old Twitter and blog updates are visible until they get scrolled away. But now, the wall is strictly for news and/or epiphanies - such as this one, or finding my voice. I've also enabled comments so that I can have a conversation with visitors. The facelift even extends to this blog. I changed the widget that links to my Facebook page so that it fits better and shows whats posted.

Any social media mavens out there? Some of you may be nodding sagely and thinking, "I could have told you that you weren't using Facebook properly." But is it that simple? Getting involved in social media doesn't appear to be 'one size fits all'. It also doesn't appear that the same size fits all the time. It seems to me that interaction with social media is intensely personal. I had to evolve to the point where I needed to make a change. Now that I have, enjoy!

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