Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tweedicted, Unbalanced and Props to #litchatters

I have written nothing this week. Absolutely nothing. Not a paragraph, not even a sentence. tweets count? I've written lots of those!

I don't have writer's block. I'm so jazzed, that I'm having fun researching. I'm engaged, plugged in, . So what's the problem? I'm Tweedicted! So much information - quirky, thought provoking, funny; sometimes so ridiculously outside the norm, it's shocking. But not so shocking that I don't go back for more. Again...and again. :)

Everybody knows that interesting and interested folks congregate not only on Twitter, but also on countless forums and blogs. It's like being back home in Louisiana - endless conversation, 24/7. Sitting on the front porch in the Garden District watching the neighbors - and a few strangers - strolling by. People wander up and down the porch steps, in and out of the several ongoing conversations. Too soon, the rising sun is setting (where did the day go?) and the Orange Blossoms have been replaced by Mint Julips, then again by Daiquiris.  A fair few crawfish and oysters on the half-shell (here, a nod to #litchatters) have bitten the dust. Of course, nowhere near the numbers chalked up by the crustacea-icide inflicted on our marsh and sea areas by Blundering Phools.

Despite that particular catastrophe of Biblical Proportions (a nod to Rachel Maddow), another day has been enjoyed - but no progress on my next novel. I don't want to be one (as in novel) and done, so I've got to dial my participation back a notch. Okay a couple of notches. Alright, alright! Many, many notches. (Quick - #litchatters, how many cliches have you spotted so far?) It's going to be ha-aa-r-r-d. Yes, I know - I'm whining. It sounds different after a few Daiquiris - I can almost pass it off as an La. accent as I waver, trying not to tip over. As in, "You know da-ah-hh-ling, it's going to be so ha-ah-hh-d!"

I've faced the reality that I need balance. Being unbalanced - like this anyway - is big fun. But as with all other ways of being off kilter, unsustainable. So I have to drag myself out of the tweetisphere more often. But (final nod to #litchatters) - I'll be back. :)D

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  1. I'm enjoying reading your blog. No reason. Just am ;)

    Former LA girl just enjoying some of the flavor I miss from home. Keep it up :)


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