Friday, April 30, 2010

Skye Pointe? Where the heck is it?

I'm starting to work on a new novel. First for me is storyboarding. Last time, it helped me learn who the characters are and understand their motivations. Also last time, the final story was nothing like the set of scenes I started with. For me, the storyboard seems to be the seed that germinates, growing who knows what as the final story. For this new novel, I find I need more backstory to get the scenes to flow. Its setting also involves 'aspects' of Skye Pointe. 'Aspects' is in quotes because I don't yet know what that means. So, backstory first!

What do I know about Skye Point? First, it's a fictitious coastal community. For the stories I write, it is situated somewhere in the Mid Atlantic United States. Geographically, it occupies the first two of a series of densely forested, gently sloped plateaus that extend from the coast all the way to the foothills of the northern Appalachian Mountains. I don't know that such an area really exists. But it doesn't have to - this is fiction! :). Skye Pointe's most prominent feature is the crescent shaped promontory north of the five coves, home to three lighthouses. Why five coves? I don't know. Maybe to give me a large enough area to keep writing novels about. Why three lighthouses? No clue, except that's the way I see it in my head. The largest of the lighthouses, Skye Light, is the only one visible from the cove side of the promontory. It is the largest lighthouse and sits at the highest elevation of the promontory. The other two lighthouses, Sea Light and Harbor Light, are at progressively lower elevations as they guide incoming ships away from the coves and into the Port Leighton harbor. Why 'Light' and not 'Lighthouse'? I don't know that either. Maybe it will become clear later on. I'm not even sure that the names - except for Skye Light - will stay the same. I like Harbor Light, but I think Sea Light is kind of weak. We'll see what happens to it. How about Guiding Light? Oh right - that used to be a soap opera. :)

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