Thursday, February 4, 2010

All About the Book

I started this blog with the intention of writing about everything else but writing. Why? To get my mind off writing. Hmmm.... Writing to get my mind off writing. Probably not the best idea. I'm sure I'll get back to the Sundance Channel and The Planet, but right now, I'm stressing over submissions. Why, you may ask? (If you aren't a writer.) Because this is my first book. I've finished it, I'm excited, I started researching literary agencies.

Oh crap. Reality hits, panic strikes, [insert your favorite 'ow that hurts' cliche here]. The dreaded submissions package. Though admittedly, I didn't dread it until now because I didn't know much about it. Probably best. If I had known how daunting finding an agent would be, I may not have finished the book - or even tried writing it in the first place. It's like climbing Mt. Everest and finding out it's only a foothill.

So whats the problem? The first one is - they ask for credentials. I have none. No articles, nothing published - nada, zip, zilch. Not even a degree in anything close to literature. So, is this blog my sneaky way of beginning to build credentials? I honestly don't think blogs count. It's just my way to uncrowd my brain. Plus, I like to see my words on paper - even if it's digital paper. Even if no one reads it but me.

So what can I tell these people? These deservingly critical, 'tired of the crap I see', 'oh hell - not that again', people. It's trite to say that I've had stories in my head for years and finally decided to put one on paper - even though that's the truth. It's arrogant to say that I think I've captured a story that is at least as compelling and worthy of publication as are those from all the seasoned authors and long-suffering students of the art - even though that's my hope.

What can I tell them that will inspire them to ask to see more? All I can do is talk about the book. That really is what it's all about - the book - this book. Right now, the only credentials I have is this book. (and yes I know the tense doesn't match...or does it?) I could have taken the 'smart' road and built a career from attempting short stories and getting them published. Execpt that I don't have any in my head. I had this story, so that's what I wrote. I still don't have any short stories in my head. I have another novel, or two, or three...

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